Big Energy Business

Poor energy saving... It used to be the kid at the back of the classroom. Picked upon, made light of, and more or less invisible.

What a life! While energy saving was mocked and bullied for many years, oil and gas sat at the front of the classroom making the teacher’s life hell and taking advantage as much as possible (in this case we’ll call the Earth the teacher… but bear in mind this is only a loose analogy!)

But fast forward a few years and guess what? Yes, energy saving is making waves. He (or she) is no longer the ugly duckling!
People treat him (or her) like a bit of a celebrity, and energy saving is now on the front page of many a newspaper and magazine, as big businesses realize that yes, it is actually quite important after all (although maybe not as important as that annoying bloke from Twilight…) Energy saving being in the news! Of course, there is a downside to all this.

As with every business, and anything seen to make a profit, there will be exploitation. Somewhere along the line it’s fair enough to assume that someone who doesn’t really care too much about energy saving is only in business to make money. But, that said, I think anyone would agree that we’d rather have energy saving companies than not, and there are lots of companies out there like Enigin who are in it for all the right reasons (as well as to make money, of course), and are working round the clock to cut your heating and lighting bills by as much as 40% in some cases.